if you remember my foot fetish post then you already know that i have a slight obsession with repetto boutique and their shoes.  their website is amazing (especially the opening ballet class scene) and their products are to die for!!

their paris storefront has now stepped up their window display a bit (pun interned)...i have a feeling that interactive window displays will become a trend in the near future.  you?

Repetto - Vitrine interactive from Marcel on Vimeo.


style icon

reese has always been one of my favorite style icons and i really like that she keeps it classy in the spotlight.  when gossip columns try to put her in the limelight and create tabloid news she handles it like the southern belle she is...she keeps her chin up, her style impeccable and her words polite (even though she may be cussing like a pirate on the inside)

i'm loving this photo from a recent vogue shoot

shot by peter lindbergh
found via chasing heartbeats


score #2

this is the second item from the "craft it forward 2011" project that i have received...how totally awesome is this??  my friend emily is one crafty lady and i'm so happy she picked this item to craft for me...

off to put on some grateful dead and rock my tye-dye tank!


currently reading

just realized that i left this one out awhile back...short but good!

just finished this and siddhartha as well as this one below (during my runs at the gym...can i tell you how much i love my e-reader...running is quicker/easier when i have music pumping in my ears and a good book to read)

now i am on to 1300+ e-reader pages of this classic...

next will be TLOR trilogy :)


friday morning tunes

i know, i know...getting slack on the posts! but for good reason...busy this past week with a job interview and etsy shop orders. i've been super focused on my etsy shop recently...i'm hoping it will take off. keep your fingers crossed and i promise i have tons of inspiration for posts bookmarked...i just have to post them now ;)

have a great weekend!


craft it forward 2011

you may or may not have heard of "craft it forward"

it's a pretty awesome concept, much like pay it forward, but this is geared specifically towards the crafting community.  i initially saw it posted on my friend's facebook status and thought it was neat but decided to pass it up.  i kept seeing it and finally i said, why not? 

the rules go something like this:  the first five to comment on this status will receive a handmade gift from me before the end of the year.  it has be to handmade so no buying a gift.  if you comment on this status you then have to post it to your status and make a handmade gift for the first five people who comment on your status...

as you see, it can grow to be huge and so totally awesome!

anyway...i received my first craft it forward 2011 yesterday and all i can say is "WOW."  my friend liz knits and she made the softest scarf, really cool fingerless gloves (which i have been dying for) and a handbag with a super cute contrast lining. 

it's a bummer that it is getting a bit too warm for the scarf and gloves but it will be one reason to look forward to the winter months ahead.  i'm still trying to figure out the perfect use for the purse...i'm too much of a klutz to use it as an everyday bag.  any suggestions?

oh, and receiving this awesome gift totally makes me want to procrastinate on making/sending mine out.  i don't think i can live up to her crafting skills...seriously though, i still look forward to the challenge and hearing what my friends think of their crafts they will receive.

did you participate in anything like this recently?